4.7.2016 | Review of third dialogue event

"Assisted suicide: practices, values and regulations”

 This was the title under which researchers presented the initial findings of three projects from the NRP “End of life” on 4 July. Over 150 experts from public offices, research, politics and real-world practice joined in the discussions at the event in Berne.  

Prof. Arnaud Perrier, member of the steering committee said at the end, that 3 projects did include assisted suicide without questioning it, so that is a sign of the acceptance in our society.

10.7.2015 | Chair for spiritual care at the University of Zurich as a counterpart of accompanied suicide

Prof. Dr. Simon Peng-Keller is involved in the project „ imagination and communication of trust in the end of life”. Since autumn 2015 he has been appointed tot he professorship of spiritual care at the Zurich university.