The officials of the national research programme asked for several assessments, until a “poor” evaluated project was finally considered “very good”.

Optimizing the health system is the guideline: What is the maximum of health care cost or how palliative care can be optimised?

Those questions are important, but what about the doubts and concerns of persons near the end of life? Self-determination at the end of life is critically considered in the projects, even if most of the Swiss citizen are open minded.

After 30 years, accompanied suicide has to be considered as an equal option to patient’s instructions, academic medicine, palliative care, hospices and terminal care at the end of life.

One aspect still needs to be discussed: The wish for an accompanied suicide of elderly people, tired of life.

Projects concerning prevention haven’t been part of this nation-wide programme, why not ?

Assisted suicide: Developments over the last 30 years

The phrasing is tendentious, the presentation shows that nobody took care to study the process carefully.