A lot of protagonists of the steering committee and as well other leading scientists are known for their Christian-conservative and patronising ideas and it is evident, that this has influenced the vote in Germany in 2015 against self-determination at the end of life and it bias as well the scientific research.

85% of our secularistic society defend self-determination – so why does such a small group get such an influence?

Markus Zimmermann-Acklin

This german Catholic  theologian for Morality is representing groups with interests opposite accompanied suicide and is therefore biased. He is involved in the NEK (National ethic commission). Four scientist in that commission are known as well for their patronising Christian- conservatives ideas.

Christine Bartsch

She is one of the project leader of “Assisted suicide: developments over the last 30 years”

She was supervising as well a Master thesis criticising “suicide tourism”.

Nina Streeck

She is participating in the project „ the wish to die in persons with serious illness”. As a doctoral candidate and journalist she criticised various times accompanied suicide. She is the assistant of Prof. Peng-Keller at the chair of Spiritual Care at the University of Zurich